Swiss credit without intermediaries.

Look for an offer to apply for the Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan without intermediary directly from the foreign bank. Do you hope to save on placement costs or don’t you trust the placement industry?

Whatever your motivation, our guide to Credit Bureaufree foreign financing contains all the information you need to apply for a loan directly. We also explain why the exclusion of the agent can become your own goal. Decide for yourself which way you want to go.

Swiss credit without intermediaries – decision made out of unease?

Swiss credit without intermediaries - decision made out of unease?

Admittedly, the headlines about the intermediary industry do not necessarily inspire confidence in the services of credit intermediaries. Swiss loans without Credit Bureau are always in the focus of the reporting.Unfortunately, media is often not given good credit for this special financing. In the past, this was to blame for a wide variety of intermediaries who did not adhere to legal requirements or even the simplest rules of conduct.

From this perspective, Swiss credit without intermediaries is the right answer to dubious mediation offers. If prospective creditors do not use the services of reputable brokers, it does not only have advantages. First of all, not all financial brokers active in the international credit brokerage business are guaranteed to work unfairly.

Reputable intermediation professionals offer the most important foreign credit brokerage service free of charge – and it is not knowing the name of the bank. The most important service is the preliminary credit check by hand. Software would simply be overwhelmed with this task. Serious intermediaries do not incur additional costs compared to Swiss credit without intermediaries. The costs are borne exclusively by the lending bank.

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau – which bank grants Credit Bureau-free foreign loans?

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau - which bank grants Credit Bureau-free foreign loans?

Since 2010, Swiss loans have not come from Switzerland. As far as can be seen, the only bank that can legally grant this credit to Germans is based in Liechtenstein. The name is Lite Bank. Interested parties can easily get to the homepage via Google. Under current offers you can discover the loan without Credit Bureau from the credit brokerage advertising, in the amount of 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD. The factual offer shows how far away many of the brisk advertising slogans for Swiss housewife’s credit are from reality.

Attentive readers of credit advertising will recognize that the Swiss loan has not been paid out in cash for a long time (2014). It is also not an express, express, or lightning credit. Housewives without their own income subject to social security contributions have not received Swiss credit without Credit Bureau since the early 1980s.

A Swiss loan without intermediaries is a small loan. He can open up credit opportunities to handpicked people who can demonstrably afford their loan. People who have their finances under control in addition to the negative Credit Bureau entry may feel encouraged to apply.

People who have already tried their luck should save upfront costs for the post-ID procedure and official certification. Neither the hopping from agent to agent nor the direct application are suitable for forcing a loan. Real credit opportunities only exist if the financial situation has been shown to stabilize over the long term. Only Credit Bureau can be excluded from the credit process.It is neither queried nor does the lending bank report the lending if payment has been made as agreed.

Credit requirements – Swiss loan without Credit Bureau from Liechtenstein

Credit requirements - Swiss loan without Credit Bureau from Liechtenstein

For a 3,500 USD loan, an applicant must:

– Without persons subject to maintenance, at least USD 1,130 net
– A dependent person at least 1,560 USD / net
– Two dependents at least 1,830 USD / net
– Three dependents at least 2,130 USD / net
– Four dependents at least 2,500 USD / net

In addition, the applicant must have been subject to social security contributions at the current employer for at least 12 months. The employment relationship is neither terminated nor limited. There are currently no seizures of income.

The variant with 5,000 USD Swiss credit without intermediaries starts with a net income of 1,600 USD per month. The scale ends with four dependent persons with a demonstrable net income of 3,200 USD. In contrast to the “small loan”, a minimum period of employment of 3 years with the current employer is required.

In addition to the above requirements, the applicant must be healthy and fully capable of working. In addition, there must be no assignment of wages to the employer. There is no bankruptcy proceedings pending, and there are no other entries in the public debtor register of the local court. Old debts must be within reasonable limits / ratio to income.

Swiss credit without intermediaries – alternatives from Germany

Swiss credit without intermediaries - alternatives from Germany

The exclusion of the Credit Bureau from the credit check does not lead to lending, given the alternative checks, if there is a real credit risk. It can be seen that Swiss credit without Credit Bureau only offers an advantage over reputable loan offers despite Credit Bureau from Germany. An approved loan will not be reported to Credit Bureau as long as it is properly served. This special case may be interesting for home builders who want to request a home loan “optically debt free”.

Those interested in credit who actually meet the requirements for Swiss credit without intermediaries could just as easily apply for bank credit from Germany. An example of banks that would be willing to grant a loan despite Credit Bureau is that of Cream Bank. Lending from private individuals could be even more interesting. Instead of a Swiss loan without intermediaries, Good Finance and Best Lender offer the framework for serious loans from private to private.